Research Compliance Services (RCS) supports and protects the interests of the University, faculty, staff, students and human research subjects in research compliance matters through guidance, education, and technical assistance.

We work with the University of Oregon research community to ensure the responsible and ethical conduct of research by offering the following services:

  • Protecting human subjects in research
  • Managing conflicts of interest in research
  • Training in the responsible conduct of research
  • Investigating allegations of research misconduct
  • Education in research ethics and research compliance

Research Compliance Workshops and Office Hours!

We are excited to offer several workshops covering topics related to Human Subjects Research, Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research, the Responsible Conduct of Research! In addition to the workshops, we are offering office hours for drop in consultations. See our calendar for dates and links to registration!

Research Compliance Services News and Announcements

Check out our Guidance Library for new and updated guidance when preparing submissions for IRB review.

We are still busy updating our IRB forms! Please use the most current version of the materials to help facilitate a timely review.