Training and Declaration

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All Investigators responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored activity are required to complete annual training and a Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (FCOIR) Declaration at least annually or within 30 days of any change to their Significant Financial Interests (SFIs) and/or outside work or service. When submitting proposals for sponsored activities through the Electronic Proposal Clearance System (E-PCS), the Principal Investigator identifies individuals who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of the proposed project.


The required Financial Conflict of Interest in Research: Training for Investigators module meets the following objectives:

  • Provides information about University of Oregon’s policies related to conflicts of interest;
  • Describes Investigator responsibilities as it relates to Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research;
  • Defines Significant Financial Interest (SFI);
  • Describes what to expect after Investigators submit an FCOIR declaration; and
  • Provides Investigators with related regulations and additional resources.
This training can be accessed via the Electronic-Proposal Clearance System (E-PCS). The training module must be completed prior to beginning the initial declaration process and annually thereafter. The training can be accessed at any point through the Help menu in E-PCS.


In completing the Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (FCOIR) Declaration the Investigator reports all Significant Financial Interests (SFIs) for him/herself and/or spouse and/or dependent children that reasonably appear to be related to the Investigator's institutional responsibilities. The Investigator must also report any expected work or service for any outside entities to occur in the year ahead.

Investigators (regardless of title or position) responsible for the design, conduct, and reporting of sponsored research must:

  • Review, and revise (as necessary) the FCOIR Declaration at least annually (every 365 days);
  • Update the FCOIR Declaration within 30 days of any change in SFI (new or existing) and/or outside work or service; and
  • Maintain a current FCOIR Declaration.

Investigators can access the FCOIR Declaration through the link under Messages Menu in E-PCS. Upon successful completion and certification of the FCOIR Declaration, the Investigator will receive a confirmation email from Proposals can not be submitted to sponsoring agencies unless there is a current FCOIR Declaration on file for each Investigator on the award. Upon notification of an award or upon recertification of the declaration, RCS will review the FCOIR Declaration and the sponsored project.

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