Training and Declaration

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As part of the University's commitment to research integrity, all Investigators responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored activity are required to complete training and a Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (FCOIR) declaration at least annually.

The required Financial Conflict of Interest in Research: Training for Investigators module meets the following objectives:

  • Provides information about University of Oregon’s policies related to conflicts of interest
  • Describes Investigator responsibilities as it relates to Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research
  • Defines Significant Financial Interest (SFI)
  • Describes what to expect after Investigators submit an FCOIR declaration
  • Provides Investigators with related regulations and additional resources
This training can be accessed via the Electronic-Proposal Clearance System (E-PCS). The training module must be completed prior to beginning the initial declaration process and annually thereafter. The training can be accessed at any point through the Help menu in E-PCS.