Financial Conflict of Interest in Research: Declaration and Determination Process

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A significant financial interest (SFI) declared by an investigator is not by definition a financial conflict of interest in research (FCOIR). The majority of declared SFIs typically are not determined to represent financial conflicts of interest.

All SFIs declared by investigators will be reviewed by Research Compliance Services (RCS) alongside all sponsored projects for which the investigator is responsible for the design, conduct, and reporting of research, and considered in light of the investigator’s institutional responsibilities.

Based on UO policy and federal regulations, RCS will determine if a declared SFI is related to that investigator’s sponsored activities and if that SFI presents a potential or actual financial conflict of interest in research.

If RCS determines that an SFI does not represent any financial conflict of interest in research for an investigator, the determination is documented. If RCS determines there is an actual or potential financial conflict of interest, RCS will recommend a management plan to the Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (COIRC) to eliminate, reduce, or manage the conflict(s).